Solwave Commercial Ovens & Microwaves

A brand you can trust, Solwave is dedicated to providing restauranteurs and other foodservice proprietors with quality appliances that can fit any budget.

Fusion Oven

With unmatched precision and consistency, the Solwave Fusion high-speed oven makes quick work of your most popular dishes, without sacrificing the quality your guests expect.

Combining impingement with microwave cooking technology, this high-speed oven cooks food as fast as a traditional microwave, while also having the ability to brown the tops of your signature recipes.


Rapidly cook and reheat food in your restaurant, cafe, fast food, or catering business with a commercial microwave. Available in a wide range of wattage and power usage options, you'll be able to choose the model best suited for your establishment's budget and time.

Take a look and find the best commercial microwave oven for your kitchen's food prep needs.


Solwave commercial microwave parts and accessories provide you with the replacements you need to keep your microwave working the way it should.

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